Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections

Need to get your roof inspected? On Time Roofing provides top quality roof inspections. Our experts will take the time to carefully look over your roof and inform you the condition and repairs it needs. We will let you know the life of the existing roof and whether it needs to be repaired, replaced or if it will last a few more years.

On Time Roofing specialize in all types of commercial and residential inspections. Contact us today!

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Project Management

Every Project Manager on our team will work with you step by step to keep you update on the proccess and decisions to be made. They will make sure you project is completed on time and top quality.

Coordination Process

Every team that is part of On Time Roofing has years on the field and have developed impeccable synergy, from project managers to drivers every single member of our team works together to ensure your roof is installed with out error.

Reporting and Cost Control

Our professionals here at On Time Roofing will keep you updated throughout the entire process of our installation. Warning you of any faults or additional cost in your project, keeping your financial cost low, but quality high.